First worldwide clinical study on the impact of nutrition in prevention of Covid-19!


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Bleu-Blanc-Coeur is taking part with the University Hospital of Rennes, “INSERM” (National Institute of Health and Medical Research in France) and VALOREX, in the first worldwide clinical study on the impact of nutrition on the prevention of COVID 19!

“The germ is nothing, the terrain is everything” – said Louis Pasteur 150 years ago. However, the financial resources allocated to medical research are today entirely directed towards pharmacological solutions. Obviously, the priority goes towards care, curative care, research for effective drugs, a life-saving vaccine…

In the current absence of treatments and vaccine, the adoption of good hygiene practices (e.g., “barrier gestures” and “physical distancing”) reduce the diffusion and the impact of this viral disease. Nevertheless, given the high global burden of infection, complementary approaches could help to reduce it.

Among those approaches, the role of nutrition and nutriments (Vitamins, Trace elements, Omega-3) are important. Many mechanistic, epidemiological and clinical data show the role of nutrition. In particular Omega-3 (largely deficient in our food) which plays an essential role in the status of inflammatory tissues and the global immune response.

Then, shouldn’t we broaden our vision field a little to consider that our foods and nutriments that we ingest can strengthen our immune defenses, better help our body to fight against the inflammation created by this virus that make us weak. 54.000 articles in the peer-reviewed scientific press relate in details the link between nutrition and immune-inflammation. Have we forgotten both common sense and good science?

That would be a shame because the inflammation in our body is regulated by nutriments that we ingest in our daily nutrition. For 20 years, Bleu-Blanc-Coeur has been building its model of health-oriented agriculture (of the soil, animals and humans) on the proof of concept of lipids and especially of a balance diet between Omega-6 & Omega-3: two fatty acids that are essential for peoples and have the decisive role of regulating inflammation in our body.

Controlling the inflammation is what our bodies don’t always know how to do, when the virus triggers the cytokine storm that causes the ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) against which the anti-inflammatory drugs can’t anything. When the disease becomes fatal, it is the excess inflammation that ends up killing.

Consequently, preventing the inflammation and the disease through a balanced diet (our occidental societies largely affected by the COVID are all deficient in the consumption of Omega 3 fatty acids) is an excessively important subject.

It is with great enthusiasm that Bleu-Blanc-Coeur is committed alongside the scientists of the University Hospital of Rennes, INSERM units to implement this unique and exceptional study. The bibliographic study realized by researchers prior to draft the protocol is rich and extremely reassuring regarding the positive prospect for the health of patients.

We are therefore very enthusiastic for this original, disruptive and innovative clinical study.
We will not forget to keep you informed of the start of this study, its advancements and its conclusions.
If the terrain is everything to fight this virus of COVID, then our communities, its farmers, breeders, members… will be proud to have advanced the knowledges but also to have been able to act in their humble measure to improve the health of our fellow citizens.

It is a public health challenge as much as a vision of our society and the role of its actors in prevention. We are proud to have been and to still be the pioneers of a healthy agriculture and food.

NB: more details on this study will be reveal to you during the “One Health” Bleu-Blanc-Coeur congress (which will take place on 23 June, 30 June and 7 July, via free 2 hour videoconferences accessible to all). More information:

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