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We are delighted to announce that the congress “One Health: for the soil, animals and people”, organised by Bleu-Blanc-Coeur, in partnership with INRAE (National Institute of Agronomic Research and Environment) and Valorex, is maintained.

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged our in-person attendance and face-to-face model, initially planned in Paris, but we adapted to the situation, and decided to transform our day-seminar into three 2 hour-sessions of virtual conferences:

Tuesday 23rd June / 10am – 12pm (CEST time zone – France): “One Health: for the SOIL, PEOPLE, and EARTH”

Tuesday 30th June / 10am – 12pm (CEST time zone – France): “One Health: for PLANTS, ANIMALS and PEOPLE”

Tuesday 7th July / 10am – 12pm (CEST time zone – France): “One Health: for PEOPLE, the CLIMATE, and our FOOD CHAIN”

The online participation is free-of-charge.

These virtual sessions will be accessible upon registration (compulsory to receive your login link the day of each session) and allow for live interaction with a dedicated 30-minute set of questions and answers with the day-speakers at the end of all the presentations.

Upon connecting on the day, our participants will be able to access and follow a French version or an English version which will be translated “live” by interpreters.

*please note the programme is subject to change

#OneHealth2020 newly adapted programme:

Tuesday 23rd June – from 10am to 12pm (CEST time zone – France) :

One Health: for the SOIL, PEOPLE, and EARTH

? Opening speech – (15 min)

By Philippe MAUGUIN

Thematic interventions :

? 1st presentation :

« SOIL is (made of) LIFE: from the health of soil and microorganisms populating it, to people’s health » – (15 min)

By Marc-André SELOSSE
Professor, University of Montpellier II, Center for Functional and Evolutionary Ecology of the CNRS

? 2nd presentation :

« Opting for new agricultural practices, diversifying crop rotations and choosing protein autonomy to improve the sustainability and nutritional density of our food. » – (15 min)

By Guillaume MAIRESSE, in charge of Research & Innovation at Valorex, and Vincent COLOMB, Environmental Assessment Engineer (LCA) and eco design of food products at ADEME, the French Environment and Energy Management Agency).

? 3rd presentation :

« Which place for nutrition in the COVID-19 pandemic? Introduction of the first international clinic study covering food, prevention, immunity stimulation, inflammation regulation and COVID-19 » – (15 min)

By the Professor Ronan THIBAULT
In charge of the endocrinology, diabetology and nutrition Service of the University Hospital in RENNES, France.

Round table : (35 min)

Is it possible to reconcile, and therefore to build an approach combining Health of the soil, animals and people?

With Marie-Benoit MAGRINI (INRAE), Laurent ROSSO (Terres Univia), Jacques PASQUIER (CESE), Arnaud DAGUIN (Pour Une Agriculture du Vivant), Jean-Pierre PASQUET (Bleu-Blanc-Coeur).

Questions and answers session – with all the sessions’ speakers (20 min).

Conclusion by Pierre WEILL

Tuesday 30th June – from 10am to 12pm (CEST time zone – France) :

One Health: for PLANTS, ANIMALS and PEOPLE

Opening speech :

« Inflammation and immunity: what are the nutrients of vegetal or animal origin which can regulate these two mechanisms? » – (15 min)

By Professor Philippe LEGRAND
Director of the Laboratory of Biochemistry / Human Nutrition at Agrocampus-Ouest / INSERM

Thematic interventions :

? 1st presentation :

« Agricultural production methods can modulate the nutritional density of fresh produce. Example of the food enrichment in nutriments of antioxidants & vitamins type » – (15 min)

By Marie-Josèphe AMIOT-CARLIN
Nutritionist, Research Director – Human Food Department of INRAE

? 2nd presentation :

« Red meat, charcuterie and colon cancer: tending towards prevention through modifying production and breeding methods? » – (15 min)

By Fabrice PIERRE
INRAE Research Director, Deputy head of Department of the INRAE “Human Food” and in charge of the “Prevention and Promotion of Carcinogenesis and Food (PPCA)” team of the UMR INRAE ToxAlim

? 3rd presentation :

« Antibiotic resistance vs less medication: What levers? When treating the foundations are essential! The role of a health-prevention feeding mode » – (15 min)

Veterinary – Réseau Cristal

Round table : (30 min)

Taking care of animals: a whole semantic debate!
Taking care synonymous of feeding well or taking care synonymous of curative treatments?

With Fabrice HEGRON (En Direct des Eleveurs), Denys DURAND (INRAE), Dominique MARCHAND (Réseau Cristal), Christian VALETTE (Ferme des Vialars / Maison de l’Aubrac), Henri CORNEC (Earl Cornec)

Questions and answers session – with all the sessions’ speakers (20 min)

Conclusion by Pierre WEILL

Tuesday 7th July – from 10am to 12pm (CEST time zone – France) :

One Health: for PEOPLE, the CLIMATE, and our FOOD CHAIN

? Opening speech – (10 min)

Sociologist and Research Director at the CNRS

Thematic interventions :

? 1st presentation :

« One health: for a new vision on agriculture, food and health » – (15 min)

By Michel DURU
Agronomist, INRAE Research Director, Environment and Agronomy Department; in charge of setting up the innovation department « Agroecological transition of sustainable food systems » at INRAE.

? 2nd presentation :

« The Omega 6 / Omega 3 ratio, a tracer of health, from soil to people » – (15 min + 5 min anticipated questions)

Director of Nutritional Neuroscience department at NIH (National Institute for Health) in the USA.

? 3rd presentation :

« 20 years of clinic studies based on the food chain… From animal feed to COVID-19 prevention » – (15 min)

By Pierre WEILL
President & founder of Bleu-Blanc-Coeur association

Round table : (30 min)

How to succeed the agroecological transition of food systems for one global health?

With Michel DURU (INRAE), Sylvie DAURIAT (Restau’Co), Anthony BERTHOU (YUKA), Thierry MARX (Star chef)

Questions and answers session – with all the sessions’ speakers – except for M. Hibbeln (20 min)

Conclusion by Pierre WEILL

We will be glad to see you participate in these virtual events.

Register now! You will then receive your login link on the day!

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