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They will speak at the One Health 2021 symposium…

… at the first session , June 8 th .

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Professor Philip CALDER

Professor of immunology Univ. of Southampton (UK)

Professor of medicine and Immunology at the University of Southampton (UK), Philip Calder is “the” international expert about the link between nutrition and immunity.

Since the beginning of the 80’s, he has signed an impressive number of 701 scientific publications on the subject.

Philip Calder explains complicated things as simply as possible. Immunity, he says, is a fight for our survival that requires energy for its fighters, as well as raw materials to forge their weapons: poteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidant. He details all of this, with details and simplicity.

From the beginning of the COVID pandemic, he published articles indicating what nutritional strategies should be implemented; he also signed « Meta-analyzes » which shed light on the role of omega-3 fatty acids in the treatment of the respiratory distress syndrome. In total, he has signed 7 articles on the Covid-19 and Nutrition link in areas as varied as preventive nutrition, immunity, inflammation and parenteral nutrition (for patients in intensive care), or the recent association study which shows a significant reduction in Covid positive cases (not only a reduction in mortality or complications) in people with Omega-3, Pobiotics and Vitamin-D supplemention.

In 20 minutes, he will explain all this, to us, with talent and answer your questions with a lot of pedagogy. It’s a truly, a great honor, to have him with us on, June 8th.

William « Bill » Harris

Professor in the Department of Medicine, Sanford School of Medicine, at the University of South Dakota

Prof. William Harris is ranked among the world top 2% of scientists the most influential (all categories considered) according the Stanford University (US) ranking.

This ranking counts the articles published in the scientific press and the echo (number of citations) of these articles in the world of research. This place owes nothing to chance. Since the 1970’s, Doctor Harris has published 394 original articles in the peer-reviewed science press.

He worked with the pionners of omega-3 research. « I was just lucky » he says, « because I was offered a topic research on Omega-3 salmon oils in the 1970s, and since this area of research has not stopped producing data. It was right after the initial pioneering work of Dyerbeg and the Nobel Prize in 1982. Omega-3, this was the horse I rode over 40 years ago and…it’s so thrilling that I will not get out until the saddle is removed! ».

In particulr, Dr. Harris has notably developed test for rapid measurement of omega-3 in the blood to make it a reliable marker of disease risks. In the context of the Pandemic (Covid -19 ), he was able to use this innovative method for a pilot trial which has demonstrated over 100 hospitalized Covid patients that the higher the blood level of omega 3,the lower the risk of death (At Sioux Falls Hospital, South Dakota).

20 minutes of contribution, to sum up, such a full life, dedicated to research is not much, but WS Harris’s taste for “science based medecine» is so strong that it will be contagious! To have Professor Harris with us on June 8th, is a huge opportunity.

Jean-Michel Lecerf

Director of the Nutrition Department at The Institut Pasteur of Lille.

Professor Jean-Michel Lecerf is the head of the Nutrition department – Physical Activities, at the Institut Pasteur of Lille. Specialist in endocrinology and metabolic diseases, he is also Associate Professor at the University of Science and Technology of Lille and Consultant at the Center Hospitalier Universitaire of Lille.

Professor Jean-Michel Lecerf is a renowned expert, sitting in numerous scientists societies, scientific committees both public (national agencies) and private (food industries), and at the French Academy of Agriculture

Professor Jean-Michel Lecerf is also the author of 866 medical and scientific publications and some twenty books in the field of nutrition, metabolism and obesity.

At the 2nd session, September 28th,2021

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