They committ with Bleu-Blanc-Coeur in their country… …Insight from Hungary, with Benoit Barbault, Offer & Purchase Director at Auchan Retail Magyarország


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Discover the testimony of Benoit Barbault from Auchan Hungary, which has join Kék-Fehér-Szív (Bleu-Blanc-Coeur Hungary) in 2020.

You have been working in partnership with Kék-Fehér-Szív for some time to develop new types of products for Auchans customers. Would you please share this story with us, where did it start from and what were the motivations that led you to commit to KFS?

Kek-Fehér-Szív aims to promote sustainable agricultural processes corresponding to health that characterizes  nature. KFS main objectives are responsible farmland- and feed animal husbandary management thus the promotion of healthier foods for human consumption.

Auchan has the ”from Farm to Fork” program that brings together our portfolio ranges from corresponding production. In this program we work with the right producers running their business under ”state of art” approach and are committed to sustainable development. The criteria system of our program is diverse, participants must meet several conditions from animal feeding to the usage of pesticides and antibiotics, the water- and energy management or the suitable packaging methods. We strongly believe that this attitude is necessary for the bright future of food production.

Benoit Barbault

Kék-Fehér-Szív has tremendous knowledge in feed management. For 20 years it has been working continuously with its member farmers, agricultural engineers and laboratories carrying out scientific researches on issues such as how a food produced under change in feed management affects human health or how adjustments in production method may reduce its carbonfeet. KFS communicates their findings in journals like The Journal of Nutrition (JN), Progress in Lipid Research (PLR) or the Animal Feed Science and Technology (AFST) and are presented in scientific life on regular basis with pending researches in several areas with results to come soon.

I may say, since most of the Kék-Fehér-Szív and Auchan’s vision on sustainability are the same, our alliance was inevitable to come true. In addition, our competencies complement each and also we share  knowledge in food- expertise and marketing.

It is important to mention that a producer takes place in the food chain between product innovation and physical realization, so a great responsibility one takes for our food. In Hungary, Martontej was the first producer to join KFS with maximal commitment to KFS-values and has been manufacturing high-quality and delicious milk products for years.

Specifically what sort of products are we talking about by KFS? What is already available and what new line of products can customers expect in the future?

As I have already mentioned, Martontej was the first producer in Hungary to undertake the feeding- and animal husbandary methods promoted by KFS. Thanks to the collaboration, milk- and dairy products with different fat contents are available on our shelves, such as sour cream, butter, kefir, mascarpone or cheeses, the popular Trappist cheese in natural- and smoked flavors.

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Our product line, created by KFS and Martontej, has a distinctive reputation in the market. The secret lies in the ratio between Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. All information is available on the association’s website at

We are happy with our three-member alliance and are proud of Martontej’s products. We are committed to promote Kék-Fehér-Szív’s values in Hungary. Our customers expect from us to offer food products produced by reliable- and safe farms. Our objective is to initiate further collaborations, looking for suppliers that are open to create a ”state of art”- sustainable – and healthier agriculture together with animal husbandry in line with KFS-values in order to offer healthy products at affordable price for Hungarian families.

In addition to the realization of a product, there is also a strong relationship that has been developing between the dedicated producer and Auchan. How does this key partnership appear in your stores?

We provide opportunities for highlights, both in the stores and on our online platform. We set up the surrounding area of the products with distinctive labels and stickers. In the future we aim to organize store demonstrations together with KFS and Martontej in which customers could taste the selected products and may get a deeper insight directly from the producer and from the KFS-representative.

Auchan Retail Magyarország

Do you think that in a complex health situation like nowdays, the recommendation of a product family that communicates the principles of « Produce correctly » and « Eat correctly » can be important for Hungarian consumers?

Yes. Absolutely. We must do everything we can to draw the attention of our customers to the importance of maintaining a good health. And for that, we need to be able to provide them with quality products that support healthy life. By consuming those, their diet would become more balanced, more colorful and richer in different nutrients.

It is important for customers to understand how their food choices can influence their health condition and also farming practices. Our responsibility is to help them finding products they consider important to their health in our stores.

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