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  • “Guarantee nutritional benefits” through “a healthy agriculture from the field to the fork that respect the earth, the crop, in order Humans eat better”.
  • “Well feed Humans”: Bleu-Blanc-Cœur approach is founded on a strong scientific base with over 320 scientific publications and 5 Humans clinical trials.
  • « Well feed animals »: We provide a well-balanced diet for the animals, based on bring back crops with a high nutritional interest such as grass, horsebean, linseed, alfalfa… Those crops and grains are naturally rich in a large range of nutrients interesting and complementary. They are good for the animals which eat them. With a diversified feed (and not only base on corn and soya), we enhance the nutritional balance in the animal auger.
  • « Preserve the environment »: By diversifying the crops (with linseed, horsebean, lupine…), the farmers are integrating some methods good for the biodiversity and the environment. Bleu-Blanc-Cœur is the only approach for reducing GhG emissions from the agriculture recognizing by the United-Nations.
  • Communicate over the concept, the products and organize the food chain (from the farmers to the consumers)


  • A collective approach (a brand which reassure)
  • Brand promise:
    • A central promise = NUTRITION
    • With Collateral benefits


  • To organize animal products networks that incorporate plant sources of Omega 3 (fodder, flax seeds, rapeseed, alfalfa etc.) in their feed.
  • To help farmers who look for feeding better their animals, working in a differentiated quality frame with objectives and measurements.
  • Provide to the consumer food products with a better nutritional value, respecting the earth, the animal, with a price widely accessible.