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Originally, a simple observation …

In spring, the cows are in great shape, they produce a softer butter and spreadable because they eat the grass that nature offers them!

The Bleu-Blanc-Coeur approach was born between 1993 and 2000, from a simple observation made by a dairy farmer, Jean Pierre Pasquet, to an agronomist engineer, Pierre Weill. He explained to him that by spring, when his cows were grazing, they were in better shape, and the butter he made was softer and more spreadable than in winter.

From this observation, Jean-Pierre Pasquet and Pierre Weill undertook their reflection on the importance of preserving the food chain and valuing plants and seeds of nutritional interest. Together, they created an agriculture committed to a sustainable and social approach with farmers worried of feeding well their fellow citizens. 

Jean-Pierre Pasquet, dairy farmer

Pierre Weill, agronomist engineer

Many trials and researches were led for more than 20 years. Their conclusive results allowed to obtain numerous publications in the scientific press with proofreading committee and revealed at first the positive effects of Omega 3 (present in the cooked linseed) on the animals health (fertility, immunity, vigor of animals, reduced veterinary costs …).

One thing leading to another, after demonstrating the impact on the health of animals, the project moved naturally towards human nutrition. In 1999, Valorex (company which conducted the first research in animal health), participated with INRA (National Institute of Research in Agriculture) and CERNh (Center for Study and Research in Human Nutrition headed by Dr. Bernard Schmitt ) to a first clinical study to measure the effects of this change in animal nutrition on human health and nutrition parameters.

The demonstration was made that by feeding the animals better, the man also ate well. In addition taste tests on products Bleu-Blanc-Cœur (and also published) were in our favor: more taste, smooth, tender….

At the end of this first clinical study, born the big collective project « Bleu-Blanc-Cœur » to federate its actors within an association. Its mission will be to promote and control the quality of food products from the sectors (field beans, alfalfa, lupin …) to offer consumers food with promises of quality, traceability, pleasure and sustainability.

 Since then, the Association led 4 other Human clinical studies (scientific articles available on request:


2000: Organization birth

November 2008

Bleu-Blanc-Coeur signes a nutritional commitment charter with the french authorities in the frame at the french National Program named PNNS (« Programme National Nutrition Santé« ). More about consult the charter.

2011: Bleu-Blanc-Coeur is recognized as an official method to mitigate the greenhouse gas. Consult the validation of this method:

  • Referenced method by the French state; 
  • Programmatic project agreement by the French state;
  • Programmatic project agreement by the Belgium state;


First farming environmental action recognized by the United-Nations (UNFCCC).

February 2013

Collective agreement with the Ministery of Agriculture Food Industry.