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Wanting to eat better is well …
Over time, the way we have lived and what we have consumed has led us to an unbalanced diet. Unfortunately only changing our eating habits will not be enough to offset the deficiencies in our diet.

This is why, at Bleu-Blanc-Coeur, we are building a responsible and sustainable agriculture, bringing together farmers, breeders, scientists, doctors, manufacturers, distributors, cooks and consumers in a big movement dedicated to giving access to “eating well” to all.

Thus, our specifications impose objectives of quality and diversity as well as measurable results obligations. Our challenge is to improve the farming and feeding practices which will increase the nutritional value of our food: Omega-3 rich flax and grass, field beans and alfalfa rich in antioxidants, lupin for its excellent source of proteins…

The Bleu-Blanc-Coeur approach is based on clinical studies and numerous publications which have built a solid scientific foundation with evidence of positive impact on human health. Consequently, this has become the only approach for nutritional and environmental interest recognized by the French Ministries of Agriculture, Health and the Environment!”

We diversify our landscapes to favor Biodiversity and limit the massive use of corn and soybeans. We improve the feeding of our animals and we treat them better, for healthier food, with better quality and more taste. We allow French agriculture to flourish and to reinvent itself to be more connected to the expectations of our consumer society. 

Support our action is not very complicated and it changes many things: by preferring Bleu-Blanc-Coeur products, you also participate in this beautiful action in favor of the environment and eating well. 

BLEU-BLANC-COEUR, Yes, we all have the right to eat well!