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Let’s organize a “protective food” by consuming Bleu-Blanc-Coeur products..

Discover below our ideas for balanced menus (with nutrients of health interest) and our guide to a « preventative » food full of tastes and flavors.

Omega-3 and Vitamin D arrive on our plates with animal fats. Fatty fish, butter, eggs and meats constitute more than ¾ of the intakes of these two nutrients essential for immunity. However, their content in foods depends on the feed given to the animals that produce them – and the amount of sunlight for vitamin D.

These nutritional qualities are found in the Bleu-Blanc-Coeur stamped products, allowing everyone to enjoy a healthy food combining pleasure and balance. Consume Bleu-Blanc-Cœur products, it’s means improving your daily intake of essential nutrients and thus give your body strength and vitality.


Did you know?

One Bleu-Blanc-Coeur layer or broiler, thanks to a feed diversified and balanced  in lipids, not only produces eggs and flesh of high nutritional quality but will also have an improved carbon footprint (source Agribalyse – Ademe) compared to the standard production method (CO2 impact reduced by 18% in Bleu-Blanc-Coeur egg production and 23% in Bleu-Blanc-Coeur broiler production). Find out more about the quality of Bleu-Blanc-Coeur poultry.

To allow you to create your own protective menus, we have summarized in a table the food which might be favored  to cover your needs in Omega-3 and Vitamin D.

There is a wide variety of Omega-3 of different sizes. For adult, short-chain Omega-3 (ALA) should be provided at a level of 2.2g* per day and long-chain Omega-3 (DHA + EPA) should be consumed at a level of 500mg* per day. For vitamin D, the reference for the adult population is set at 15 ms* per day

(*According French and European standard)


Ꚛ = Omega-3 or Vitamin D in significant amounts (one portion provides more than 10% of the recommended daily allowance*)

ꚚꚚ = Omega-3 or Vitamin D in interesting quantities (one portion provides more than 25% of the recommended daily allowance*)

ꚚꚚꚚ = Omega 3 and vitamin D in super interesting amounts (one serving provides more than 50% of the recommended daily allowance*)(*According French and European RDA)

Bleu-Blanc-Cœur also offers meal ideas provided with antioxidants, minerals and omega-3, accompanied by a few recipes proposed by nutrition professionals part of our community.

Take care of you !

 IDEA n°1

  • Omelet with Bleu-Blanc-Coeur eggs, salmon and green vegetables, recipe proposed by Estelle Marty
  • Dessert: Lassi with buttermilk or yogurt and seasonal fruits
  Did you know that ?
The buttermilk or yogurt, like all fermented products, contains probiotics (nice bacteria) which enrich our intestinal flora. Consume 1 fermented product per day (yogurt, cheese, lacto-fermented vegetables, etc.) is a good idea.


  • Bleu-Blanc-Coeur chicken thighs with paprika, rice and a wok of crunchy vegetables, recipe by Elisa Cloteau
  • For a light after meal, infusion of ginger, with squeezed lemon juice and a spoon of honey.

Did you know?

Paprika, like many spices, is a concentrate of minerals and antioxidants. Replace in all your recipes tea-spoons of spices by tablespoons: your dishes will be all the more tasty and you will better enjoy theirr nutritional benefits. Natural anti-inflammatory, curcumine is also particularly interesting (and it would act in synergy with pepper and ginger).

idea 3

  • As a starter: A carrot salad with rapeseed oil and lemon juice.
  • Shepherd’s pie made with different Bleu-Blanc-Coeur meats (pork, beef, chicken, etc.)

Did you know?
 The recipe proposed and shared between 3 guests will bring you up to 50%* of the recommendations Daily omega-3 (ALA).(*according French and European RDA)

idea 4

Green lentil salad and Bleu-Blanc-Coeur poached eggs, recipe proposed in “LE grand livre de l’alimentation special immunité (« The special immunity food ledger”) by Véronique Liesse and Alix Lefief Delcourt

For a gourmet dessert, choco mugcake

Did you know?

The more chocolate is rich in cocoa, the less it is rich in sugar and the more it contains antioxidants and preventives minerals: magnesium, which has positive effects on mood, and zinc in particular, a small soldier in our immune system. Consuming 1 or 2 squares a day of chocolate with 70% cocoa or more at tea time (snack) will bring you good morale.

idea 5

  • For a nice aprtizer, buckwheat blinis garnished with hummus or fish spreads, recipe proposed by Solveig Darrigo Dartinet

Did you know?

By making this buckwheat blinis recipe with a maximum of Bleu-Blanc-Cœur products and while eating them as a couple, you cover ¾ of the recommended daily allowance (according French and European RDA). And with the trout offered by Solveig in addition, it is BINGO for short and long chain Omega-3 + Vitamin D.

idea 6

  •  Homemade “Cordons Bleue”  with turkey and ham served with vegetables.
  • For a gourmet and original dessert, coconut and chia seed desserts

Did you know?

A tablespoon of chia seeds, , will give you the recommendations daily in ALA. They are also rich in fiber.

idea 7

  • Bowl Breton, an original dish made in Brittany (France) with broccoli and sardines
  • For dessert, clementine quarters to provide a little boost of Vitamin C.

Did you know that ?
A tin of sardines fully covers the daily recommendations* in vitamin D (according French and European recommandation).

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No, Bleu-Blanc-Coeur is not just a logo!

No, Bleu-Blanc-Coeur is not just a logo!

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