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Like all marmots, which wake up in the first days of spring, Charlotte frolics on the mountain pastures and delight in the lush mountain spring grass! She then devotes herself to reproduction to ensure the survival of her species and feeds her young thanks to her milk rich in nutrients. Whil fall and  then winter are coming, Charlotte stocks up grains which have gradually replaced the fatty grass in her diet. She stores fat under her skin and falls asleep until the sunny days return.

Charlotte is also an intellectual. A few years ago, she stayed in the university of Colorado, at the West of the USA , and met a team of researchers which do a strange and exciting discovery.

When in the fall, the researchers distribute flax (Linseed) to Charlotte the marmot, she does not fall asleep at all! Flax is full of Omega-3 (as grass, and other plants!). When the omega-3 content in their feed increases, well the marmots believe they are in spring, and therefore no longer think about developing their fat reserve and hibernating…

This little story has bot a simple and beautiful moral :

« Food is a qualitative link between our environment, the rhythm of the seasons, the growth of plants and every cell in our body. When this bond is stretched, when harmony is broken, our body loses its bearings and biological disorders occur. When the earth is bad, it is the body that suffers.

To learn more about :

Hill VL, Florant GL. The effect of a linseed oil diet on hibernation in yellow-bellied marmots (Marmota flaviventris). Physiol Behav. 2000 Feb;68(4):431-7. 

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