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The Bleu-Blanc-Coeur approach continues its international development!

Our agriculture and food model impacting positively soils, animals and humans has seduced Poland, who decided to join the movement, and commit as well  to our sustainable  ways, by launching Biało Niebieskie Serce, the Polish Bleu-Blanc-Coeur organization!


Indeed, providing healthier food is a major challenge for coming years, worldwide, but also in Poland, as:

🔸 Poor diets are linked to 24% of deaths in Poland (World Health Organization)

🔸 23.1 % of Polish adults suffer of obesity (WHO European Regional Obesity – Report 2022)

🔸 85% of Polish adults don’t have an appropriate quality diet (WOBASZ II Project – Kardiologia Polska)

🔸 60.2% of people in Poland pay attention to what they eat (Maczfit Report – 31 stycznia 2022)

As we all know: We are what we eat! And agricultural practices strongly determine the nutritional values of our food, and its impacts on health and climate.

The vision of Biało Niebieskie Serce is thus to have a more virtuous Polish agriculture, that offers a healthy and affordable food for all  consumers in Poland. Creating this local collective of movers and shakers will enable them to act together and to level up their impacts throughout concrete projects on their territory, identified by a common label.

Discover the first local members of Biało Niebieskie Serce!


JAJ-POL logo

JAJ-POL is a family business operating in the poultry market: they breed 300,000 laying hens.

They also produce table eggs, rear laying hens and rear meat hens (broilers). The production is carried out on three farms located approx. 25 km from each other and they also have a packing centre.

The company wants to create a Bleu-Blanc-Coeur range for the production of their 130,000 free-range laying hens. Leaders in the production of free-range consumer eggs in their region, their objective is to be the first business to offer Bleu-Blanc-Coeur products in Poland. In doing so, the company hopes to pave the way for other breeders to follow this sustainable movement.

👉 To learn more about the company

Noack & Co:

Noack & Co logo

Noack & Co is an international company founded in 1980, working in the field of animal nutrition and veterinary analysis, but also in the food-processing industry. For instance, they sell innovative products like traced extruded flax, which improves animals’ diet and, consequently, the nutritional value of the food people eat. They have also already participated in the realization of a first dairy Bleu-Blanc-Coeur project  in Hungary.

The company is in fact working hard to promote a new agricultural model for Europe, a model in which animal nutrition plays a key role in the quality of human food, and which contributes to building links between consumers and producers.

👉 More information on their website

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No, Bleu-Blanc-Coeur is not just a logo!

No, Bleu-Blanc-Coeur is not just a logo!

Bleu-Blanc-Coeur wants to answer the questions consumers ask themselves. Nowadays, even though they are informed on how to eat better, they still find it difficult to navigate through the different logos and promises that flourish on food products’ packaging.